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 increase instagram likes زيادة لايكات انستقرام 

Welcome, how are you?
 I hope you're always okay.
Our topic today dear ones is the program of increasing the likes of Instagram in a very nice way 
Get followers-likes and followers
This great app through which you can send thousands of likes to your posts in Instagram
In a very easy way, just focus well to see how to use this app. 
This program you can do.
 Increase Instagram followers 
More likes of Instagram 
We'll talk about everything in detail, but be careful about an important point in the app, which is that you don't use the program by sending followers because you're going to pay a lot of points for a few followers. 
So just use it to send admiration to your account. 
Because you're going to pay a few points for a lot of likes. 
This is what distinguishes the app from others by sending likes
First to log in to the program you need a new Instagram account or as we call it in slam 
Imaginary account 
After you get an account or create a new account you put it in the app and sign in 
Then the main application interface of the program appears. 
There are several buttons in the program. 
Each button has a different work, we'll explain each button, how it works, and what's its usefulness.
Let's start with the first button. 
Collect points from the program 
Through the first button in the program you can collect points by following people or expressing admiration for the posts of the people inside the app 
When you follow someone who offers you 9 points for each follow-up 
In exchange for an admiration, you are only offered 1, so I advise everyone to collect points by following up.
The second button. 
send likes to your primary account 
When you press the second button, you will see a façade with two buttons. 
The first button is for sending followers and the second button is for sending likes 
As shown inside the app, for every follower who sends it to your account, he will deduct 10 points from you. 
And for every like he sends to your account, he cuts two points, so I said I'd advise you to use the app for likes.
After the big difference between points, I think you're just going to use it for excuses. 
The third button. 
By pressing the third button 
It's a start-up button in the app through the Play Store.
To give you five points as a gift. 
The fourth button is buying followers and likes with money 
Through Visa Kart, PayPal or other payment methods, I think not many people are interested in this button, so I'm not going to explain it.
The last button is check out. 
When you click on it, it logs out of the current account if you want to sign in with a new account 
Now that we understand very well what the content of the program is and how to use it, we must download the app through the download button below.

And don't forget to watch the detailed explanation on the YouTube channel 

Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you face any problem in the program so we can reply to you as soon as possible and help you solve the problem, you will be in the care of God and save him and peace be 
upon you and god's mercy and blessings
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