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Download hiketop+ latest update to increase Instagram followers

 Download hiketop+ latest update to increase Instagram followers 

Hello how are you today we will give you a detailed explanation of hiketop+ this wonderful program that has great features inside it distinguish it from the rest of the programs

We’ll talk in detail about the program, what it contains, how it works.

What I just need from you is focus.

Ask about this app and what it does is an application to increase followers and likes of Instagram so that you can increase the views of Story Instagram 

Instagram video views too

So we mentioned that this application is distinct from other applications rarely find that all these features exist with only one application 

there are a lot of applications to increase instagram followers but most of it is just to increase followers or to increase likes and not to feature or not have inside it the rest of the features inside this program

First, working on this program, we need a new Instagram account. 

Create a new Instagram account with new information 

After entering the app and enter the information about the new account

And if you have an old Instagram account you don’t need either, you can enter it in the program.

So after entering the information and entering the main interface of the program

Now how are we going to collect points and send them to followers to our official account? 

There are several buttons in this app you have to understand all the za and what he does

First, before working on the app, you should enter the new account you created on Instagram and stay open on Instagram.

Because you’re going to need that.

Now we’re heading to the app after we’ve put the account on Instagram.

There’s a interface to some of the accounts in the program through these accounts and buttons. 

There are several ways to collect points, which are

First by following people

Second by putting like the people in the program

Thirdly, it is by watching videos

Fourth, and it is the most important and it is through the link of referral

Or the referral code.

This code will be yours to copy and send to your friends or anyone who uses the software to put this code

And he gives you a percentage of the points that this guy collects. 

When you click on the word follow +10, he directs to Instagram, you follow this person to give you ten points.

That way you collect points by following people.

You have a limited number in an hour collecting points in it.

The second way is through the likes you go to a button in the middle of the orange jewelry program

After pressing this button you go down by pressing the lake button to then appear to you face accounts that need to click when you press one of the accounts you will then put lake to the account and give it points and this way collects points by lake

The third way is with the same button, you go down and then you press the video and watch the video after you go to the video on Instagram, you save the video, you save the video, and then you go back to the program that gives in the points 

The last button is the code button. 

After we’ve collected the points, how are we going to send them to our base account?

We click on our account under number 1.

After clicking on our user we will then click on + add another account

You put your primary account in the user and then you add it to the program

Without a passward, then you choose the number, which is 10 minutes, and then you send followers. 

Then we mentioned all the features of this app we must download the app from the buttons below 

Also watch the detailed video on YouTube

feel free to comment if you have any problems we will reply to you hopefully and solve the problem together 

May you be in the care of God and his keepers and peace be upon you and god’s mercy and blessings

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